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Testimonies and Character References

Cindy Sonam is one of those rare beings who, understands before you even speak a word. To be in her presence is to experience grace, warmth, wisdom, humor, and Love - and healing that is both gentle and profound.
Jennfer Waldburger

Testimonial from the MTWSYF Workshop:
I am a healer and a student of Derek O'Neill and I just would like to share an experience that was absolutely amazing to me. I come to lots of healing workshops, so I am familiar with energy work. I have got the opportunity to join the workshop, facilitated by Cindy Sonam. Ones I have heard that someone can take you only as far as they have gone themselves and to take you further than that is impossibility. And that is why I would like to share with you the experience that I have had at Cindy's workshop. I have enjoyed the workshop tremendously and haven't experienced before such a grounded, yet expansive introduction to spirituality and energy work. But it was not till the next morning that I felt giant impact on my being and have had the experience of broadening my view on life and consciousness that we are all part of and I knew that it was thanks to a homework Cindy have done on herself and her own life. Cindy's consciousness can awaken a part of your being which you might not be aware you have, while she will hold you compassionately and lovingly in her arms and heart. It was very inspiring for me to witness how someone can step aside a allow to be an instrument of higher consciousness. It is absolutely golden opportunity to join these workshops and to spend a time in Cindy's presence! THANK YOU CINDY fr being Love that you are!!!!
Love you,

There are few people on the planet who embody grace and compassion the way that Cindy Sonam does. While spending time with Cindy, you will be changed for the better.
S. Sherman, Westport, CT

From the first moment I met Cindy Sonam I felt that I had met a very special 'Earth Angel'. The love that eminates from her is so apparent - she makes you feel comfortable and welcome the instant you meet her.

I have known Cindy for nearly two years and have seen her spirit shine more brightly each time we meet.

I am not normally a person who easily waxes lyrical about another healer - I have met many good, bad and indifferent practitioners, in my time. However, I unreservedly herald that Cindy is part of that rare breed of very special healers. She is kind, caring and always mindful of others points of view and retains a continual appetite for knowledge, which she is currently expanding with the assistance of Ireland's Derek O'Neill.

I am honored to call Cindy a true friend and look forward to continuing attending her Workshops. I never tire of the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere created, whilst enjoying the laughter, fun and camaraderie that unfolds within each group setting.

There is always an unreserved welcome for everyone who wishes to share in the healing and knowledge that is offered. There is no dogma or pressure to believe in any one practice, just a wish that we respectfully visit with each other and experience the healing, loving presence of which we all ultimately belong.
Elaine, Woodstock

Cindy is a most loving & gentle Being and her soul radiates through her physical beauty. But it is the genuine heart that is filled with such integrity that makes her an inspiration and a wonderful healer!
Donna Marie

Cindy, You are a beautiful being of light that lights up the room and people's hearts when you walk in the room. You have a rare gift of connecting with people on many levels, which is a great gift to all concerned. Everyone needs to experience your classes and the transforming that occurs when they share your magic- Well done!

I met Cindy a little over a year ago and was immediately drawn to her loving and calming energy. Some months later I had the opportunity to meet with Cindy for a healing session. I was amazed that I had some old feelings come up about my worthiness and place in the world. What I felt with Cindy was safety, trust, and genuine love. Cindy is love.
Rita Harvey

I have had the most gracious opportunity to attend a More truth Will Set You Free healing workshop at Creacon Lodge Prema Agni Retreat center facilitated by Cindy. I must say, I am grateful for her gentle yet powerful Love, it was so amazing to be in her presence and hear her humbling words and beautiful experiences as she teaches and shares selflessly from the heart. What a joy and blessing! Thank you Cindy. Love, Love, Love.
Jennifer Carmen

If I had the magic stick, Cynthia would have been my tenant forever, for people of her kindness and graciousness are hard to come about. Thus, I am not one who had the luck of experiencing a therapy session with Cynthia, but my spirit is well cultivated for me to notice the giant of spirituality that Cynthia was with everything that surrounded her. A gentle smile on her face, an attitude of gratitude for the life we have been given, the curiosity of a child and the wisdom of a Zen master.

So hard keeping the conversation on business with her, so sidetracked and transported we would get by other far more interesting subjects. Cynthia inspired all this just by her presence. Some people come to the planet to improve the life of those who come in contact with them. Cynthia is one of those angels "
Arturo G. Pirrone

I felt totally reborn – you have to experience this to believe it. Seriously, don't take my word for it… just do it!

The beautiful intention of love, compassion, and service could only come from a heart that contains the same qualities. Cynthia Sonam has all these and so much more wrapped in a lovely, charming package. Cynthia's project has all the earmarks that say it will change for the good many lives, alleviate suffering, and bring compassionate kindness to those most in need of it. Blessings and best luck to you!
Dr. B. Hayes

Re: The Rising Star
This is such a heart moving healing modality. I can say that I am now able to be vulnerable with out fear of feeling old pain, my heart is so much lighter which has allowed more joy to flow in and out; you have an amazing quality to listen very deeply to ones core calling and come from the heart.
R. - Vancouver, B.C.

I had the privilege of having a Rising Star session done by practitioner Cindy Sonam for the first time. I must say words can't express how much better physically, mentally, and emotionally I've felt since then. It is such a spiritually powerful session. I thank God for allowing her and others to take time to share with his other children this most Divine Energy for healing and rebalancing of our overall well being. May God forever
bless you all.
Patricia Aker

Cindy Sonam is one of the finest individuals I have ever had the pleasure to know in this lifetime. Cindy is that rare blend of a hugely loving heart which embraces all who are graced to come her way, being love in action is all she does, while at the same time being practical so that all she puts her attention on comes to fruition. If you ever have the opportunity to come to one of her workshops, lectures, or events, I suggest you jump at the chance. Thanks for the opportunity to applaud you! Love you!