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Services Offered

Services Offered
Cindy: Arunachala, India

NLP- Neuro Linquistic Programming:

A holistic technique to shift old beliefs, deeply rooted emotions, and unconscious issues safely and effectively

General Sessions:

The client will be led to the effective transformation releasing what no longer serves, learning in the process and replacing the previous limitation with positive understanding and an effective resolution.

Time Line Therapy Sessions:

Travel your personal timeline to discover the root of limitation, learn the source, and clear the issue. A powerful immediate shift is experienced.


Make the commitment to to carry the initiation if the Rising Star Healing System within your being at all times. This opportunity is for wellness practitioners and those who simply know energy and choose to embrace it and share daily. This initiation is an energy transference that becomes an extraordinary part if your being.
Dates offered upon request.


More Truth / Freedom Workshops

Initiated workshop facilitators offer this workshop in a healing vortex specific for the healing transformation of participants. Powerful energy, guided meditations, inspiring music, spiritual support and community of like minded participants discover untapped resources that lie dormant within, while releasing deeply held fear based limitations. These workshops touch the core of your being and empower ones true essence. You will be transformed. You will speak and know your Truth from a higher perspective.

Rising Star Healing System

A powerful energy therapy encompassing the benefits of all healing methods presently offered on the planet. This system actually updates as each healing system is updated, offering the client the opportunity for ‘self healing’ while the initiated practitioner holds the energy creating the space for transformation at whatever level the client is capable of attaining.

Prema Birthing Healing System

The most loving way to be ‘reborn’ to your true self. A gentle , loving experience which leaves old programs behind and fills the void with the truth, grace and love. This is an ancient art traced back to many cultures: Egypt, Tibet and hindu yogi traditions.These traditions teach that the mind is the creator and manifesto of our lives on Earth.


Guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems coupled with mind body spirit awareness for whole health.

Private / Group

To schedule an appointment:
Contact Cynthia Sonam

All services except for Prema Birthing are offered in person, as well as, long distance. It’s all energy and energy has no boundaries.