Cindy Sonam
Cindy: Creacon Lodge, New Ross, Ireland

Cynthia Sonam (Cindy) continues to transform and enrich the lives of others by offering her unique intuitive and professional training in the healing arts. For several decades, she has explored the mind body spirit wellness domains and studied with effective masterful teachers and trainings.

As a parent, sibling and daughter, her personal experience has honed a loving, nurturing understanding of relationships for children and parents of all ages which serves clients brilliantly. At a corporate level, she brings an awareness to the board room that supports the consciousness shift that is required in the new global community and economy by recognizing the need for change and implementing those changes that best serve humanity and healthy corporate cohesion.

Currently, Cindy is the founder of The Sonam Foundation, LLC. and Ahimsa LLC. which offer healing arts and wellness solutions domestically and internationally. She is also the managing director of Pureland, LLC. Along with a variety of community volunteer commitments, Cindy served on the Board of Trustees for Shorter College, Rome GA. and is a Consultant at Insurance Administrative Solutions, Key Largo, FL.

Whether working with Cindy one on one, in a classroom/ group setting or long distance, the results are life altering and healing takes place on all levels. She’s an empowered woman with an appreciation for where she’s been and the lessons learned, offering uncommon solutions that honestly work with real life situation providing clients a healthy shift and optimal wellness.

A history that began in the southern part of the United States and traditional Christian faith, inspired Cindy to study all faiths and travel outside the familiar. After working within the education system as an English teacher and Administrator, she began studies of Paramahansa Yogananda, and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. After attending events and courses with Deepak Chopra and Neil Simon she began teaching teaching meditation and yoga. This practice led to a KRI certificate in Level I Kundalini Yoga offered by 3HO. Yogi Bhajan gave her the name Jai Kartar Kaur, translated: God’s Victorious Princess. An attraction to "Energy Work" led her to a Certification in The Reunion Process with Inner Natures Research Institute. This along with studies by Morter Health Systems, B.E.S.T. and Matrix Energetics have also been valuable contributions to her specialized gifts. She offered her skills professionally along with enjoying studies at The Center for Inner Knowing, in Atlanta, Ga with Apolonia and Bhakhang Tulku Rinpoche. Each aspect of her diverse education continues to touch her life greatly along with preparing her for rare and further advanced studies with Derek O’Neill. During her sacred journey recently in India at the ashrams of teachers Ramana Maharshi and Satya Sai Baba, Cindy was able to realize a lifelong dream. Other influential teachers effecting Cindy’s practice and life are Swami Rama and Mother Amma.

She currently resides in Georgia and enjoys painting, writing, gardening, and travel. She is inspired by witnessing the brilliance of love and transformation in the spirit of all sentient beings. Assisting others to create new lives, wellness, and love is her favorite service.